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In 2007 BTECC Engineering Group established a joint-venture partnership with Tyco (then called Wormald-Ansul UK). Tyco Fire & Security Qatar has since become the leading engineering, contracting and service company delivering totally integrated fire, security and telecommunications solutions throughout the Middle East. With over 30 years of extensive experience as a specialist fire, security and telecommunications solutions provider, we offer global solutions, have international experience and tailor our packages to ensure that complete fire and security protection is provided to the most demanding of projects in the most challenging of environments.

BTECC Engineering Group also has an in-house engineering team dedicated to the sprinkler business in the Qatar and is active in the design, supply and installation of sprinklers, foam and dry chemicals systems plus the latest state of the art fire & gas / ESD /process shut down systems. We also manufacture internationally accredited fire hose reels and fire extinguishers under the SFS brand name.


BTECC engineering Group has a long history in the oil and gas sector in the Qatar and has been involved as a partner and agent in the development of Doha’s quest to become one of the largest hydrocarbon producers in the world.

In addition to our direct business in the sector, BTECC Engineering Group currently represents a host of companies in the Oil & Gas sector providing EPC, engineering, specialized products and professional services to our clients in the Qatar.


BTECC engineering Group has partnered with and represented dozens of companies in the Qatar and Middle East over the past 30 years; scoring major project wins across our entire portfolio.

BTECC Engineering Group is proud to represent the following firms in the architecture consulting and energy / power fields:

Petrol Station

The protection system included lightning protection and discrimination. The lightning protection system design was done by installing 22 lightning arresters at the corners of the roofs of the various blocks. As for discrimination, calculations were carried out to ensure that the downstream protective devices coordinated with the upstream devices so that only a minimal section of the power system was isolated in case of a fault occurrence


Building services engineers are employed by construction companies, building contractors, engineering & infrastructure consultancies and end-user entities, such as large companies or businesses which have extensive facilities that need to be maintained.


A professional inspection by BTECC will give you all the physical information you need to make an informed purchase decision. Our inspections meet or exceed the State of Connecticut Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for home inspection.


The scope of engineering services in a hospital comprises of civil assets,electricity supply, water supply including plumbing and fittings, steam supply,central medical gases, air and clinical vacuum delivery system, air conditioningand refrigeration, lifts and dumb waiters,

public health services, lighteningprotection, structured cabling, communication system (public address system,telephones, paging system),TV and piped music system, non-conventionalenergy devices, horticulture, arboriculture and landscaping and last but not theleast workshop facilities for repairs and maintenance


BTECC is providing all engineering services to the Mall and is also lead consultant on the development’s snow park. The company’s appointment continues its successful delivery of retail developments across the Middle East, including the Mall of the Qatar. One of its most important roles is to work with local consultants to adapt the Mall of the Qatar market.


The organisation chart of Engineering department should provide a clear picture of the lines of authority and the channels of communication with the department. In a large hotel the department is headed by the Chief Engineer who is assisted by the shift engineers.

Erection System

The Active Erection System is an aid for men with erectile problems. This vacuum device allows you to achieve a manufactured erection sufficient for gratifying sexual intercourse. The device has an electric pump which makes it very easy to use. The Active Erection System is available without prescription.

Erection networks

To complement a good designed product, erection teams along with experience supervisors are provided. Project Management is vital part of deployment, keeping this in mind senior and experience managers plan, schedule and manage the projects.

Erection Landscaping

We have over 15 years of landscape design experience and our customers say we get it right! With your ideas combined with our knowledge we design a garden to meet your needs. As we have specialists in both soft (plants trees turf) and hard landscaping (patios, fencing paths etc) we can cover all aspects of design construction. Call us about landscape design.

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